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Creating blog posts using markdown files

Hi - I've recently started using IHP for a personal blog and am finding it a real pleasure so far. One thing that slightly surprises me is that it seems storing the blog posts in the database seems to be the only way to go. This feels a little cumbersome, because I then have to write them via the front-end, and maintain a Controller for doing so (I haven't yet figured out how to hide this from the users). Ideally I would like to just write markdown files using vim and then somehow put them up as blog posts. I realize that at the moment the database is the only storage mechanism, but is there an idiomatic approach you'd take to facilitate a workflow like that? Obviously I can write them as markdown files and then copy/paste them into newly created posts on the front-end, so it's not exactly a huge deal, but if there's an obvious work-around I'd like to know.

Thanks for a great piece of software!


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