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Compile error on 'StaticControllerinstance'


I'm following the First App tutorial and I'm running into this error when creating a controller named 'Posts'.

What could have gone wrong? And how can I get going again?

To reproduce:

  • sudo ihp-new blog
  • sudo chown -R user:users blog/
  • cd blog
  • ./start
  • Create DB model and press 'Update DB';
  • Enter Code-gen; add controller 'Posts', preview; -- up to here all goes well
  • press 'Generate' and the compile window gives compile errors.
[ 5 of 19] Compiling Web.Types        ( Web/Types.hs, interpreted )
[ 6 of 19] Compiling Web.Routes       ( Web/Routes.hs, interpreted )

Web/Routes.hs:7:20: error:
    Not in scope: type constructor or class ‘StaticControllerinstance’
7 | instance AutoRoute StaticControllerinstance AutoRoute PostsController
  |                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[ 7 of 19] Compiling Web.Controller.Prelude ( Web/Controller/Prelude.hs, interpreted ) [Web.Types changed]
Failed, six modules loaded.

I'm running on Nixos.

Here's the output of ihp-troubleshoot:

$ bash ihp-troubleshoot
Checking that the current directory is an IHP project:
+ Found Main.hs
+ Found start
Checking nix:
+ Nix installed
Checking direnv:
+ Found .envrc
+ direnv loads .envrc
+ ghci is loaded from nix store
Checking .ghci:
+ Found .ghci
+ .ghci permissions are ok
Checking IHP:
+ Symlink build/ihp-lib exists
+ Symlink build/ihp-lib target exists
+ IHP used from nix
Checking Cachix:
- Cachix config is missing. Is cachix installed?
cat: /home/user/.config/nix/nix.conf: No such file or directory
- digitallyinduced.cachix.org binary cache missing. Try 'cachix use digitallyinduced'
cat: /home/user/.config/nix/nix.conf: No such file or directory
+ No legacy cachix key found
Debugging Details:
GHCI Output:
GHCi, version 8.8.3: https://www.haskell.org/ghc/  :? for help
package flags have changed, resetting and loading new packages...
Loaded GHCi configuration from /home/user/ihp/blog2/.ghci
IHP> ok
IHP> Leaving GHCi.
build/ihp-lib Target:
Direnv Output:
direnv exec path /nix/store/c6sh3476va60wqck3iam87vbj93k34rg-direnv-2.21.2-bin/bin/dir\
DIRENV_CONFIG /home/user/.config/direnv
bash_path /nix/store/xadrr3l5jvkkm3g3lb2g81j5wz51zqdv-bash-interactive-4.4-p23/bin/bas\
disable_stdin false
warn_timeout 5s
whitelist.prefix []
whitelist.exact map[]
Loaded RC path /home/user/ihp/blog2/.envrc
Loaded watch: ".envrc" - 2020-10-31T16:46:21+01:00
Loaded watch: "../../.local/share/direnv/allow/dc29e63ea60b0ec67c0788bfb8089bf6f3a8f3c\
b69b08b9f7ed4427f70bc67fa" - 2020-10-31T16:46:21+01:00
Loaded RC allowed false
Loaded RC allowPath
Found RC path /home/user/ihp/blog2/.envrc
Found watch: ".envrc" - 2020-10-31T16:46:21+01:00
Found watch: "../../.local/share/direnv/allow/dc29e63ea60b0ec67c0788bfb8089bf6f3a8f3cb\
69b08b9f7ed4427f70bc67fa" - 2020-10-31T16:46:21+01:00
Found RC allowed true
Found RC allowPath /home/user/.local/share/direnv/allow/dc29e63ea60b0ec67c0788bfb8089b\
which direnv Output:
    ihp = builtins.fetchGit {
        url = "https://github.com/digitallyinduced/ihp.git";
        rev = "a8030dd1e4041a0353f63d03b4ffb836cb2bd95c";
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