montmorencymontmorencyIHP Contributor

Live Loading Code

I'm finding the live loading in the browser sometimes dies while I'm editing the code. My setup is on MacOs Mojave/Firefox and I'm editing the haskell code directly using VI/nerdtree. The IHP development server is still running but I'm getting a log of: StatusServer: Cannot stop as not running and the page formatting in the browser isn't updating.Is there a simple way of restarting the Server without killing the development environment and running the start script again?

marcmarcdi Team

Can you try to start the server in debug mode:

DEBUG=1 ./start

This will print lot's of debugging output. It would be very useful if you can share a log of one case where this problem occured. This way we can maybe find the root cause.

montmorencymontmorencyIHP Contributor

Looks like the statusServer is paused. Seems to happen after a compilation. I wonder if it has to do with .swp files.

ReceiveAppOutput {line = StandardOutput "\ESC[37m  Status: \ESC[0m\ESC[32m200 OK\ESC[0m 0.000067s"}
 ===> AppState {postgresState = Started, appGHCIState = Loaded, statusServerState = Paused, liveReloadNotificationServerState = Started, fileWatcherState = Started, toolServerState = Started}